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Archive for May, 2011

Yesterday I picked up a good friend from the hospital in my car. He was having an outpatient procedure, and having been medicated, needed someone to escort him home. I put my car away and was on my way home feeling very pleased with myself, as I find that doing good deeds makes one feel terrific.

About a block from my apartment, a very attractive young woman with a dog bounded out of a brownstone walkup about twenty yards ahead of me. Seconds after getting outside, the dog began to relieve itself in the middle of the sidewalk.

I said “it would be really nice if you could curb your dog”.

To which the woman replied “walk around it”.

I then said “how very civil of you”.

This prompted the reply “go fuck yourself old man!”

So I then said “and what barn did you grow up in young lady?”

To which she screamed “fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!!!”

She reminded me of those drivers who cut you off in traffic, honk their horns incessantly, and are exceedingly quick to flip you off.

Such is the new state of what passes for civility.