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Archive for August, 2011

As a tennis junkie, I am a regular and frequent spectator to the tournament coverage from the Tennis Channel. Unlike the major networks and ESPN, the commentators are almost never seen on camera, and between them have never won a single singles title, although they are far from unknowledgeable or unaccomplished players. Old stories and recollections of the champions of yesteryear are unrepeated. I am reminded of the international nature of our sport by the South African Robbie Koenig, Englishmen Jason Goodall, Nick Lester and Chris Wilkinson, Australian Ashley Fisher, and the sole American regular, Doug Adler, a man who is refreshingly and charmingly blunt with his criticism of player’s mental foibles.

I often find myself charmed by the different pearls uttered by these gentlemen. Here are some of my favorites, along with my guesses as to their meaning. Unfortunately, I am in writing unable to replicate the colorful accents.

1. off the boil*****lost his intensity, lost the plot
2. in a spot of bother*****in real trouble
3. bit of a sticky wicket*****a really tough spot
4. under the kosh*****under extreme pressure
5. done and dusted*****finished
6. honors even*****back to even after being down
7. spot on*****got that exactly right
8. this would throw the cat amongst the pigeons*****would break the match wide open
9. inch perfect*****a perfectly placed shot
10. bollux*****a verb meaning to botch or bungle

If you have other non-American tennis expressions, please let me know.